Camping is always an adventure. Even if you end up going to the same campground every single time or you venture out to find new ones with each trip. You never truly know what each camping trip will bring. I’ve always enjoyed camping as it allows you to get away from it all. It allows you to take a step back and rest. Camping has changed a lot in the past twenty years or so though. In the past all you really needed to bring with you was the bare essentials. There wasn’t need for a power source out there at the campsite unless you had an RV or camper with you.

However in the world we have today nearly everyone has a smart phone. Nearly everyone has a laptop for work. These require power. Heck, maybe you even want to bring your Keurig with you. Whatever kind of electronic or appliance you decided to pack with you will require power. Now in some cases folks will use their car’s battery to recharge their phones. But, what do you do if you have multiple phones with you or you have other devices to charge or power?

Some people may look at purchasing a power inverter that converts your car’s DC energy over to AC energy. This would allow you to essentially plug-in devices into your car such as a laptop charger or a coffee maker. However, the big downside here is that this WILL drain your car’s battery. If left plugged in for a decent amount of time you could end up with a dead car battery. This definitely something you want to avoid when camping in the wilderness…especially if your phone dies to. It will be difficult to find someone to give you a jump.

The other more realistic option here is to look at purchasing a portable generator. Generators can provide you with that needed power source without the risk of draining your car’s battery. They come in a variety of sizes as well so you can truly pick the right generator for you and everything that you need to power. The other day I wrote an article that goes in-depth on what size generator that you need for camping. It can be found by clicking here. I highly suggest reading it to familiarize yourself with generators.

There a third option here that can provide you with power and is overall friendly to the environment. Solar. Yes, there are portable solar systems that people can setup either for their campers or even if they are just using a tent. One such example of these can be found by clicking here. This model provides you with only eighty watts, but it gets the job done if you all you need to do is charge your phones or laptop. Just note that solar panels are not always the most reliable and that you need direct sunlight for it to work. Overcast or rainy days may prove difficult to charge your phone.


So folks in conclusion there are a few different ways that you can obtain electricity during your camping trips. Out of the three options I gave you above the best bet is going to be using a generator. They are reliable and can provide you with ample power. There is no risk of draining your vehicle’s battery and stranding yourself. There is no risk of the sun being blocked out. Generators also can provide you with as much power as you need whereas a solar system is going to have it’s wattage limits capped.

Thanks for reading,

Alec Johnson