Product Review: Stiletto Tools Inc TI14SC Titan 14 Oz Titanium Framing Hammer

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Hello ladies and gentlemen! Today on we are going to be reviewing Stiletto’s TI14SC Titan fourteen ounce Titanium framing hammer. This model was the original Titanium hammer that was created all the way back in 1998 by Mark Martinez. Truth be told though the original doesn’t always mean the best. Improvements are made over the years and better models have come out but I will get into that later in on the review.Stiletto Tools Inc TI14SC Titan 14 Oz Titanium Framing Hammer With Curved Handle

As I mentioned above this hammer is made by the Stiletto Tool company out of Sacramento, California. Stiletto has been making hammers and tools from all the way back to the 1850’s. Yes, that’s right. Over one-hundred and fifty years. They know what they are doing and they make a quality product. As so many people have said, “Once you go Stiletto, you don’t go back.”

The TI14SC fourteen ounce Titanium hammer is the ideal tool for framing projects rather you are a full time carpenter or just a do-it-yourselfer working on putting up a new detached garage. (Fun project, trust me!) While this hammer comes in at only fourteen ounces don’t let that fool you. It has the same power and driving force as your twenty-four ounce steel Estwing. The thing to keep in mind here is that Titanium is forty-five percent less in weight then Steel or Iron. So, that means you are still getting a completely solid head of metal. There are no fillers in this, it is solid Titanium.

The hammer comes with a variety of features as well such as a Stiletto’s patented magnetic nail starter. The nail can be slotted into the top of the head and held in place until you are ready to drive. This makes things so much easier and reduces nails slipping and rolling away. (Notice the divet on the face in the picture to the right.) The face of this hammer is one and a half inches in diameter and is smooth rather than waffle face or edged. While most framers prefer the waffle face I feel that the smooth works just fine and you don’t run the risk of grinding and cutting your fingers up if you accidentally hit yourself with the waffle. The claw is your standard rip claw that is found on framing hammers, although I would advise against demo with this claw. (More on that later in the cons section.)

The TI14SC handle extends out to sixteen inches and is your standard wooden Hickory. It is also curved as you can see in the picture to the right. This curvature allows for a better grip and also for better leverage when swinging. But I would say that is enough talking about the features of the hammer. Let’s now dive into the Pros and Cons of this product and see if it is worth your money to buy or not.


Ok so first and foremost I am going to mention that you get the raw power of a twenty-four ounce steel framer in an easy to use light weight package. You’ll be able to drive 16D nails in three hits with no problem. You truly hit the ‘sweet spot’ on this hammer as you get the great power of a heavy duty twenty-four ouncer but the hammer itself is still light at only fourteen ounces. There are other options out there that go all the way up to sixteen ounces but honestly, why bother? The twenty-four ounce driving power should be more than enough to get your job done and you save yourself the extra burden of carrying around another two ounces on your tool belt.

Speaking of those heavy duty steel hammers did you know that Titanium has ten times less the recoil and shock than Steel does? Ten times. That is a stark difference between the two and if you swap out a solid one-piece steel Estwing with the TI14SC you are getting the benefit of a wooden handle as well. (Wooden handles are proven to be the absolute best shock absorbers.) So you get a double whammy here with a shock absorbing head and a shock absorbing handle. I can assure you that your body will thank you after using this hammer. No more carpel tunnel. No more sore elbows after a long day’s work. All of that will be in the past.


Ok folks for the cons on a product I like to list them out as clearly and be as upfront about them as I can. I won’t catch everything but I can assure you that after my research I have a solid grasp on what can go wrong with the product. The question is now left with you if you are going to buy this product or move on to something else.

  1. Wooden Handle – Alright. Well remember how I talked about the benefits of a wooden hammer above in shock absorption? Well that’s about the only damn benefit to wooden handles. Pardon my French… but I am not a fan of the wooden handles. The main reason why? Breakage. As you can see in the picture to the right wooden handles have a high chance of snapping in half and sending the head of your hammer flying off into the distance. Most of these breaks occur when using the claw and trying to extract a nail. The strain appears to be too much on the wood and it snaps.  Along with the handle breaking I have also found complaints of the handle being too fat and users having to shave it down to use correctly. Both of these issue can be fixed and handled by the consumer. They just require a little extra work. Stiletto Tools Inc TI14SC Titan 14 Oz Titanium Framing Hammer With Curved Handle
  2. Price – This hammer comes in at around one-hundred dollars on (Prices are subject to change, but this is the price as I write this article.) One-hundred for a hammer may send a lot of you running for the hills but I can assure you that this is an investment and is well worth a little extra money upfront. Your body will thank you and you’ll be faster on the job. Although, it can be frustrating if you spend a hundred on this product and the handle breaks after only a few days of use…
  3. Warranty – There is a warranty on this product, don’t get me wrong. It is a one year warranty where Stiletto will replace or repair any damage to your product that is not above or beyond normal usage. Their official policy can be found by clicking here. The reason I bring warranty up is as a con is that it is only a one year term. Most of the time if you’re going to be spending over one-hundred dollars on a hammer you expect a lifetime warranty and many other companies offer this lifetime warranty. I don’t question Stiletto’s quality of manufacturing but it is still a great peace of mind to know that your hammer is warrantied for your lifetime.
  4. Thieves – This may be a moot point but I still feel it is worth bringing up. As I’m sure most of you know if you have nice tools on the job site they may ‘walk off,’ while you are at lunch or while you are on the phone. I’ve seen it happen so many times and it just sucks knowing that you invested into such a great hammer only to have some bastard walk up and snake it away from you.


Overall, I would say that this hammer is a good buy. I am going to give it a 3.8 out of 5.0. Truth be told here guys this is the first hammer out of my reviews that I have rated under 4.0. I couldn’t consciously give this hammer anything over 4.0. I have to express my reservations right now about the wooden handle. Normally, I am skeptical on these types of handles but hold back my thoughts as each person has a different taste. But after researching this product I found numerous cases of the handle breaking after only a few days of use. I felt I had to speak up here and express my concern. I feel that if you buy this product you may run into the handle breaking on you after only a few days of use. If that doesn’t bother you then by all means go for it! But, if you’re looking for something more sturdy then I would highly suggest to you the Stiletto Tibone TB15MC one piece solid Titanium hammer. (This one won’t break at all, but it is significantly more expensive.)

If you are interested in purchasing the Hickory handled TI14SC Stiletto Titanium Hammer then I suggest you follow this link to to complete your purchase. I hope that I was able to help you in your buying decision today.

Thanks for reading,

Alec Johnson

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