Yost Vises 880-DI 8"

Product Review: Yost Vises 880-DI 8″ Heavy Duty Reversible Bench Vise Made in USA

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Alright ladies and gentlemen today we’ll be reviewing the Yost 880-DI eight inch heavy duty bench vise. This Yost vise is one of the best of the best on the market today. We’ll get into why and what makes it the best later on in this post but I bring this up now to prepare you for the cost of this item. It is not a cheap vise by any means, but it was never intended to be that.

Yost Vises 880-DI 8"
Yost Vises 880-DI 8″

If you want premium and American made product than you have to pay top dollar. That’s just a fact of life nowadays. However, if you are on the other end of the spectrum and want a good product but don’t want to fork over that extra premium than I suggest you stop now and read my review on the TEKTON eight inch vise that I did yesterday. This one will save you some money but also provide you a good product. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that the Yost does but it is still a quality vise.

All that being said if you’re still looking for the best of the best and an American Made product than by all means read on my friends.

Specifications on the Vise:

  • Model – 880-DI
  • Jaw Width – Eight inches
  • Weight – Seventy pounds
  • Jaw Opening – Eight and a half inches (Twelve and a half reversed)
  • Throat Depth – Four and three quarter inches (Three and a quarter reversed)
  • Minimum Pipe Capacity – .125 inches
  • Maximum Pipe Capacity – Four and a half inches
  • Anvils – Two separate surfaces measuring eight inches and four and a half inches respectively.
  • Mounting Bolts – 1/2 inch bolts required.
  • Manufacturing Material – Iron
  • Manufacturing Country – United States of America

Without any further delay let’s dive in and see what this vise has to offer. As always I’m going to start with the Pros as it’s always best to hear the good news first!


The Yost 880-DI is manufactured out of solid Ductile Iron. This iron can withstand up to sixty-five thousand pounds of pressure per square inch.  The TEKTON only measured in at thirty-thousand pounds. That’s more than double the density, and more than double the durability. You need not worry about hesitating when using the anvil on this thing. And speaking of anvils this vise actually comes with two of them. The longer of the two comes in at eight inches while the shorter at four and a half inches. This anvil makes for a great flat and even surface for laying your tools or parts while you are cranking the vise.

The base of this unit comes with four mounting holes that can be drilled into your bench with simple 1/2 inch mounting bolts. Please note that this unit will not come with the mounting bolts as Yost has no idea what type of workbench you have or how thick it is. If they were to guess and throw some random bolts in there it wouldn’t do anyone any good. Once you have this thing mounted you’ll notice that it comes with a full three-hundred and sixty degree swivel. So, there are no more worries about what direction you mount the thing. If you’re like me and don’t take something like that into consideration until after you’ve already secured the bolts you won’t look like an idiot with the vise facing the wrong way. Just swivel it towards you and call it good.

The Yost’s 880-DI’s jaws come serrated or edged for better grip like most other vises. The difference here though is the Yost comes with reversible jaws. Yes, you heard right. You can flip these things around and instead of having the serrated diamond edge you now have a flat and smooth surface for wood working. Some people like to buy jaw covers to prevent damage to their more delicate materials but if done right you could probably just get away with flipping over the jaws to the flat side. Along with that benefit these jaws are also replaceable. So, after years of use if the teeth on your jaws have started to wear away and it is becoming nearly impossible to grip pipes or any other kind of material all you have to do is order yourself another set of jaws, toss out the old ones, and bam. There you go. Problem is solved.

Another great feature of this vise is that the actual vise bar can be removed entirely from the vise and then reversed. What this does is allow for you to extend the length of the vise and allows it to grip objects over twelve inches wide. Twelve inches. This is not something you see on your everyday vise and is certainly not something you see on a Chinese import. Speaking of Chinese imports that brings me to my next point on this vise. This baby is American made all the way. None of that Chinese stuff that everyone is always worried about. The Yost company has been around for over one-hundred years having been founded in 1908 in Holland, Michigan. Now, I am a little biased as I’m from Michigan myself but American made and in Michigan? It doesn’t get better than that.

If you buy this product and for whatever reason something breaks on it, it arrives damaged, or it arrives in pieces there is no need to worry. Yost backs up their product with a lifetime warranty. Yes, lifetime. What that means is that no matter what your vise is guaranteed from failure. Don’t believe me? Well just follow this link and go right to Yost’s warranty policy. Once you follow that link you’ll see the big LIFETIME warranty word next to the 880-DI model.

Lastly, I’ll leave us with a quote from an Amazon review, “This is really a machinist level vise at a great price.”


Yost Vises 880-DI 8"
Yost Vises 880-DI 8″

Ok, well folks I really struggled here trying to find downsides to this baby. Before I write a review for anything I take the time and scour across Google and other search domains looking for any and all information I can find. It’s the right thing to do and I don’t feel comfortable writing about something until I’ve educated myself on the product. After spending time on researching this vice I only found a couple of negatives and I can bet that you can guess the first one. Price.

I have a bad habit of buying the cheaper side of things. Even if I know it’s going to break in a few months I just can’t bring myself to pay more right there and then. It’s a dumb habit and I need to break it. The same thing applies to this vise. Yes, it’s expensive but would you rather buy this vise and never have to buy one again or would you like to spend fifty dollars here and there every few years or so? The choice seems clear. Spend the money now and get yourself something that will sit on your workbench for decades.

The only other con that I can find is that some consumers have received this product damaged in the mail. This has nothing to do with Yost or their manufacturing. It has everything to do with the carrier. (UPS, FedEx, etc.) The only thing I can say is that it is the luck of the draw when shipping such a heavy product. (Seventy pounds of cast iron.)

The most common thing that I saw was that one out of the four mounting brackets had snapped off while in the box. This is a big problem and will either prevent you from mounting your unit entirely or if you do get it mounted it could result in a wobbly and not a stable base. The thing to keep in mind though is that yes this is a problem but it falls under Yost’s lifetime warranty. So, yes… it’s a hassle to go through the return process and wait for your new vise to be mailed out but you are not out of the money and you will still get a great product.

Besides that folks there isn’t really anything else negative on this vise.


Overall this vise qualifies for the ToughAssTool stamp of approval. Everything about it screams quality and even if we look at Amazon.com we can see that there are nearly one-hundred posted reviews on the product. Out of these reviews the rating is set at 4.5 out of 5.0 stars. The big thing to mention though is that there is only ONE low review in all of these and that lone review was only complaining about the packaging and how it arrived at his home. The rest of the reviews? They were all four and five stars. That is pretty rare feedback nowadays. You usually have a few outliers who trash the product but I just couldn’t find them this time.

In closing this article I would say that if you’re looking for a top quality American made vise than this is your pick.


Thanks for reading,

Alec John Johnson



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