Pros & Cons of Titanium Hammers

Titanium hammers are the newest and latest thing to happen to hammers. Well… truth be told there isn’t much exciting news to happen in the hammering world for quite some time except for Titanium hammers.

The first one of these hammers was patented and created by Mark Martinez of the Stiletto Tool company all the way back in 1998. The theory behind it was to give professional carpenters an alternative to the hickory, fiberglass, or steel framing hammers. The hickory hammers would break all of the time on you and the steel framing hammers would give you one hell of a sore elbow.

As the years have rolled by since they were first introduced a barrage of competitors and other varieties of Titanium hammers have come into the market. But before you decide on purchasing one of these types of hammers it is best to take a hard look at the Pros and Cons. Is this the hammer type for you? Or, should you opt for a more traditional steel or fiberglass framing hammer?


There are so many pros to Titanium hammers that I probably won’t be able to list them all in this article. Instead I will do my best to go through the top benefits of this product.

  • First and foremost Titanium hammers are significantly lighter than your standard steel or fiberglass hammers. Titanium is forty-five percent lighter than steel. This accomplishes a couple of things.
    • Instead of having a monster twenty-eight ounce steel framing hammer you can get the same work done with the same driving power on a fifteen ounce Titanium Stiletto hammer.
    • Swinging a lighter hammer means that you don’t get near as tired as you used to with your twenty-four ounce fiberglass. Another benefit to this is that a smaller person can use these hammers with no problem. They are recommended for women working on a framing job due to their light weight.
  •  Shock absorption is a big problem across a large variety of framing hammers. Carpenters who use these day in and day out will know exactly what I am talking about. With each hit that you do your wrist, elbow, and shoulder feel the impact. After extended use they will be screaming for relief. Some manufacturers have added rubber shock absorbing grips to their steel hammers which have helped but have not solved the problem. Titanium hammers have ten times less the shock than a steel framing hammer. That means you get the lighter weight and the better shock absorption. You could hammer all day!
  • Depending on the type of Titanium hammer you go with you could end up getting a one piece construction. This means that there is no wooden handle but instead you get a solid Titanium handle and head on the hammer. This type of hammer is basically indestructible. If you do end up breaking this handle in half then you are doing something wrong… but don’t worry most of these manufacturers have a lifetime warranty on their Titanium hammers.


Ok, so the good news is there really aren’t that many cons on Titanium hammers. I’ve scoured the internet reading reviews, manufacturing websites, and forums but I have still yet to find a major downside to these types of tools. However, there are two things that I would like to mention to you before buying:

  • Price – The biggest drawback to these types of hammers can probably be guessed by you. It’s price. These hammers are the best of best and cannot be beaten in quality. So, with the best of the best comes a large price tag. A basic framing hammer may cost you around thirty to fifty dollars. A basic Titanium hammer will start at about one-hundred dollars and can go all the way up and past two-hundred dollars.
  • Thieves – I hate to say it but anyone who has worked on a job site will know what I am talking about. These jackals think it is their right to rifle through your toolbox or belt while you step away for lunch. Once their paws get a hold of one of your Titanium hammers they aren’t going to let it go. It sucks but it’s a fact that these types of hammers have a high chance of being stolen.


So now that we have laid out the benefits and drawbacks of Titanium hammers the question that you have to ask yourself is are you willing to pay that extra premium price to get yourself a top quality hammer? Or, are you OK with your standard Estwing or Stanley framing hammer.

If you are looking to purchase then I highly suggest you visit the article I wrote yesterday called, “What Are The Best Titanium Hammers?” This article takes a look at the top three Titanium hammers on the market today and from there you can make your buying choice.

Thanks for reading and I hope that I was able to help you in your decision.

Alec Johnson

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