About us

My name is Henry Hunter, a 45-year-old professional woodworker. From a young age, I developed a love for fixing things around the house, ranging from electrical repairs to my beloved woodworking projects. I have always been fascinated by the ability to transform raw materials into beautiful and functional pieces.

As my skills grew, so did my curiosity. I delved into the world of woodworking, exploring various techniques, tools, and finishes. From crafting intricate furniture to building custom cabinets, I found solace and fulfillment in the artistry of woodworking.

But my passion for fixing things didn’t stop at woodworking. I expanded my knowledge to include electrical work, mastering the intricacies of home electrical systems. Whether it’s troubleshooting wiring issues or installing new fixtures, I take pride in ensuring a safe and efficient electrical setup in my home.

In addition to woodworking and electrical work, I also have a penchant for other DIY projects. From plumbing repairs to home renovations, I have acquired a diverse set of skills that allow me to tackle various household challenges.

Motivated by my broad range of interests and experiences, I founded “Toughasstools” This platform serves as a hub for DIY enthusiasts, providing resources, tutorials, and a supportive community for individuals who love to fix and create. From woodworking tips to electrical safety guidelines, “Toughasstools” aims to empower individuals to take on home improvement projects with confidence and skill.

Join me on this journey as we explore the vast world of craftsmanship, sharing knowledge, inspiring creativity, and fostering a community of passionate individuals dedicated to making their homes the best they can be