Can Portable Generators Get Wet?

No, no they cannot. In fact, you will find that most generator manufacturers have warnings on their products and on their instructions manuals explicitly saying that generators cannot operated in a wet or rainy environment. This includes snowed in areas as well. Let’s think about why this is for a moment. We all know what generators do. Their engine gives power to the alternator and the alternative generates electricity for your home. You then connect your extension cord to the generator to route the power back to your home.

Here’s the problem though folks. Water and electricity do not mix. If it is raining and your generator is out in it that water is inevitably going to get into the electrical outlet. That means that there is now a chance of electrocution. Depending on the model of generator that you have, yours may come with what’s known as a GFCI outlet. These outlets, known as a ground fault circuit interrupt, will automatically shut the generator off if water is detected within the system. Would you want to be the guy that has to go out and try and restart the generator if it shut down due to water being in the system? I certainly wouldn’t. Using, touching, or maintaining a generator that is wet can result in electrocution to the user. Generators can carry quite a bit of electricity so this electrocution risk should be taken very seriously.

For more safety suggestions and tips on generators please check out out Generator Safety Guide by clicking here. This guide goes into all of the safety precautions that should be taken into consideration before you setup and run your generator.

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