What are Portable Generators?

First, let’s understand what generators are. A generator is an alternative source of power to your standard power grid. Generators are designed as a temporary solution or backup to your main power source. Or, in some instances they are used for power during camping trips. I won’t get too technical here, but the generator has an internal combustion engine that uses gasoline. This gasoline runs the engine and the engine gives power to the alternator within the generator. This alternator is what generates your electricity. This is very similar to how your car is able to obtain electricity when it is running. Once the electricity has been generated it’s as easy as just plugging your outlets into the generator.

Wen 56200i Portable Generator
Wen 56200i Portable Generator

There are two main types of generators your Standby Generators and your Portable Generators. Now, your portable systems are just that, portable. That means that they are much smaller then your typical standby unit which makes them much easier to move either around your property or on camping trips. The downside of portable generators is that they have much less power then a standby system. Most of the time you will see portable generators as the standby systems are much more expensive. For more information on the differences between the standby and the portable generators check out our article we wrote just a few day ago by clicking here.

Lastly, if you are interested in further reading on generators please check out ‘What Are Portable Generators Used For,’ article and our ‘Generator Safety Guide,’ article.

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