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Do I Need Wheels On My Portable Generator?

Portable generators can be a lifesaver in a dire situation or they can provide you some much needed power during a camping trip. Whatever your reason is for using them you may notice that a lot of these units come with wheels. Now, this may not be something you really think about when purchasing a generator, but depending on the wattage size of the generator having wheels can make a huge difference.

Remember, these units are meant to be portable. What good is a portable generator if the system weights over two-hundred pounds and you have no way to move it besides brute strength? I guarantee you that after doing that a few times that you’ll never want to do it again. That’s to say if you even could move it.

If you opt for a smaller generator, maybe a few thousand watts, then you may not even need the wheels. Sure, they would be nice, but you should still be able to move the generator around without killing yourself. This is more of a preference and if you want to pay a bit extra for a system with wheels. (Personally, if it was me I wouldn’t worry about wheels. Just keep an eye on the product weight and make sure that you’re comfortable moving something that heavy around.)

It’s as you go up in wattages that you’ll begin to see the weight increase. They may start at around one-hundred pounds but some of these can be huge reaching almost three-hundred pounds. The good news is that most of the time these heavier generators will have wheels as part of the system, but you should be wary because some systems sell the wheels as a separate component. These separate wheels can cost you an extra one-hundred dollars or so.

Also, I want to caution you that before you purchase your generator you should ensure that the tires are a ‘never-flat.’ What that means is that you won’t have to deal with a flat tire or a tire that comes off the rim. If that doesn’t seem like a big deal now, let me paint a picture for you.

Let’s say it’s the dead of winter and your power just went out due to an ice storm. Your family is inside getting cold and you need to be the hero. You are out in your garage getting ready to pull your generator out, dust it off, and get it setup for emergency power. Only as you get to the back of your garage you see that both rear tires are flat. Now on top of having to deal with the loss of power you have to contend with flat tires.

If it was me, I would pay a bit extra for the peace of mind that my tires aren’t going to be flat when I need them most. Keep an eye out for these ‘never-flat,’ tires and if you do see them advertised for the generator you want be sure to read the product reviews to ensure that they are actually ‘never-flat.’

Please be aware that while generators are a great tool to use they can also be dangerous if not setup or ran correctly. For more information on the Do’s and Don’s of generator usage please click here to be taken to our official Generator Safety Guide.

Lastly, please note that ToughAssTools is not liable for any property damage or injuries caused by generators. Exercise caution when using and if you have any questions please consult a trained professional.

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