What is a Refurbished Truck Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)?

Installing an auxiliary power unit to your truck can improve your quality of life significantly. With an APU installed there is no more idling for hours at a time just trying to keep your truck cool or trying to watch your favorite television show. No, with an APU all of your power needs, including heating and cooling, are met with ease. Along with providing the power that you need you also end up saving on fuel costs and no longer have to worry about anti-idling laws.

The only real main downside when it comes to APUs is their cost. New APU systems can range between five-thousand dollars all the way up to twelve-thousand dollars for the top of the line models. While many companies and dealerships offer financing the cost is still prohibitively expensive for a lot of people. These folks have a few choices. They can either keep idling and risk being fined by various states, they can go with the redneck solution, or they can look at purchasing a refurbished APU from various companies across the country.

Depending on what type of company you go with or what type of model you want to purchase you can end up seeing savings between thirty to fifty percent on a refurbished auxiliary power unit. In most instances every part of the APU is tested and either repaired or replaced if necessary. The end result is a fully functioning APU with new parts that will end up saving you a bundle. In many cases these APU refurbishers will also take trade-ins of your old APU as well.

A few example APU refurbishers are:

My last point is while a company may not specifically offer refurbishing or remanufacturing an APU it cannot hurt to ask. For example, say you are at a Kenworth dealership for a repair. While you are there waiting on your truck it cannot hurt to ask the service writer if they offer remanufactured APUs. When I was doing the research for this article I found that some dealer groups advertised this service while others did not… so you may strike out from time to time but you may also strike gold.

It is not all roses and sunshine on these remanufactured APUs though. There are drawbacks as well. The major downside with these refurbished materials is that you are either not going to have a warranty or it is going to be significantly shorter then if you were to buy a new product. Each company here is different but one example was a ninety day warranty. That is just enough time for things to get settled and for your APU to need some preventive maintenance. So, if you do wish to go refurbished just keep this in the back of your mind that if parts fail the repair is most likely not going to fall under a warranty.

I hope this article was helpful and was able to answer your questions.

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