What Kind of Gasoline Does a Generator A Use?

Generators are a great tool to have with you in case of emergencies. They can give you that much needed power source during a power loss event. They can also be helpful if you are on a camping trip or perhaps just having an outside event where you need some lights or other things powered. Whatever your reason is for using a generator there are always questions that come up with their use. In today’s article we are going to look at one of those questions: What kind of gasoline do generators use?

Before I answer this question we first have to determine what kind of fuel your generator is taking. Not all generators use gasoline. In fact usually only the smaller sized models end up using gasoline. The larger models will use diesel. You may also find some liquid propane models out there as well. However, if you discover that the generator you are looking at does use gasoline then we can look into this question further.

Now when it comes to generators the first thing I am going to say is to consult your owner’s instruction manual. Each generator is different and it is impossible for me to tell exactly what make and model you are looking at. The owner’s manual is always your safest bet. That being said, I can make a generalized recommendation. In most cases it is recommended to use unleaded gasoline with a level eighty-five octane or higher. However, you may not even be able to find an eighty-five octane as this can be rare in some states. You are perfectly fine to use eighty-seven octane as well. This is the standard gasoline that you will find across the country. Generators typically use the lower octane gasoline rather then the higher. They also prefer ethanol free gasoline but in some cases they can take blends up to E-10… but again, check your owner’s manual.  There is no special generator gasoline on the market. It is the same type of gasoline that you put into your vehicle.

When working with generators there are a variety of safety concerns that need to be taken into consideration. I won’t go into all of them here, but I would recommend you check out our generator safety guide by clicking this link. When it comes to refueling your generator you should ALWAYS ensure that the generator is off and has been off for at least a few minutes before you try to refuel. A good rule of thumb is to see if the generator is hot to the touch. If it is then wait a bit longer before refueling.

Lastly, please note that this article is intended to give advice and informational value only. We here at ToughAssTools are not liable for any damage when it comes to using generators rather it be personal, injury, or property.

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