What Size Power Inverter do I Need to Run a TV?

Power inverters are used all over the world today as a source of alternating current power (AC). This AC power allows you to plugin and use practically any household appliance or electronic right from the comfort of your vehicle, motorhome, or boat. These power inverters draw their energy by connecting right to your battery and pulling the direct current (DC) energy and converting it over to AC.

One of the many questions we get on the topic of inverters is what size do I need to power X? With electricity, generators, inverters, and all other tools like this the sizing requirements can be a bit daunting. They come in all different sizes and it can be difficult to discover exactly what size you need. In this article we are going to focus our attention on particular electronic, the television.

First, let me start with the good news. TVs often use very little power when compared to other electronics or appliances. The typical rule of thumb is does the appliance make something hot, cold, or have moving parts? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then the amount of power required will be much higher.

A television will typically use between one-hundred to three-hundred watts. This range depends on the overall size of the unit as well as the type of TV it is. For example, plasma TVs will use more power then a standard LCD model. While the one-hundred to three-hundred watt is an estimate it is best for you to discover the exact wattage your specific TV uses. This way there are no open questions or concerns when it comes to purchasing the right power inverter.

In most cases the TV’s wattage can be found on the label somewhere on your TV or in the instruction manual. If you cannot find the total wattage you can also look for total amperage or amps. If you find the amperage number then all you have to do is multiply that by the total volts. Volts are easy as it is just a measurement of the type of plug-in that the appliance uses. So, for example let’s say you have a 1.5 amp television with a one-hundred and twenty volt plug-in. The math becomes 1.5 times 120 equaling out to 180 watts.

By doing this math you can determine exactly what size of power inverter that you need in order to power your television. Note that it is safest to go an additional twenty or thirty percent higher then what you calculated as well. This allows you to have some extra wiggle room and also allows for additional electronics to be plugged if needed. Using this logic we would recommend a three-hundred watt power inverter to power a television. We recommend this product from AIMS on Amazon to get the job done.

The last point I want to mention here is exactly how long you can power a television using a power inverter. This definitely needs to be considered as if done incorrectly it could leave you with a dead battery. I wrote an article on this topic just yesterday that can be found by clicking here.

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