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Are Stiletto Hammers Made in the US or in China?

Stiletto Tool company is one of the best, if not the best, manufacturer of premium hammers around. They have been around for over one-hundred and fifty years. They were first started all the way back in 1849 when the California Gold Rush began. Ever since then they have been making premium tools that are used around the world and are found at most job sites. Stiletto TB15MC TiBone 15-Ounce Titanium Milled-Face Hammer

In 1998 Mark Martinez of Stiletto Tool patented the first ever Titanium hammer. This hammer was one of a kind. Mark’s goal was to create a hammer that was simpler to use and that would be much easier on the user’s wrist, elbow, and shoulder. Anyone who has swung a steel hammer all day will know what I am talking about. The veterans out there who have been swinging steel for decades know the consequences. Carpel Tunnel, Tennis Elbow, and more. It will take a toll on your body.

So why Titanium? Well Titanium is forty percent lighter than steel but hits with the same amount of force that a larger steel framing hammer would. That’s why you can get a sixteen ounce Ti hammer and have it hit like a twenty-sixer or even a twenty-eight ouncer. Along with the lower weight Titanium also has ten times less the shock than a standard steel. What that means if that the user gets an overall lighter hammer and one that has significantly less shock. Trust me, your body will thank you once you start swinging Titanium.

In 1999 Stiletto Tool launched their first Titanium hammer for production. As they say, the rest is history. Ever since then Titanium hammers have been increasing in popularity across the country. As the years and decades have passed new competitors have even come into the market recognizing the potential for Titanium hammers.

Made in America or Made in China?

When I was researching Stiletto products there was a lot of back and forth between users and reviewers stating that Stiletto hammers were made in the US. No, they were made in China. No, they used to be made in US but now in China. I could go on and on. It seemed like no only really knew for sure where these products were being made and no clear answers were to be found. I hate having inconsistent data and facts so I reached out to Stiletto Tool and asked them myself. Just where are there hammers manufactured nowadays in 2017? Well folks they got back to me in only a few days. Let’s take a look at the results.

The Verdict

Joel Allen of Stiletto Tool reached out to me this afternoon with a response. The short answer here is that the solid Stiletto Titanium hammers like the TBM14RMC TiBone Mini-14 ounce and the TB15Mc TiBone 15 ounce are made right here in the United States. These hammers are your best of the best with a solid Titanium head and handle. These things won’t break on you no matter what you do! Just be warned that the price tag on these babies are quite high and may end up running at or above two-hundred dollars. (Prices subject to change at any time.) I can assure you though that if you are a full time carpenter or tradesmen than these things are worth the hefty price tag.

Stiletto also linked me to a video that is on YouTube showing their manufacturing process on these types of hammers. It’s an interesting watch and shows you the amount of effort and care they put into the manufacturing process of each of their hammers. If you weren’t sold on their quality before you will be after watching that video. Click here for the video. Joel also mentioned:

“The Titanium bodies for these models are cast in Los Angeles, and then shipped to Texas, where the grips are injection over-molded onto the castings, the replaceable faces are installed, and the completed hammers are packaged.” – Joel Allen – Stiletto Tool

Now those of you who are wood handle, or fiberglass handle, fans may be asking yourself why I haven’t mentioned those yet. Well, the second part of this story is that these types of hammers from Stiletto with the Titanium head but with a wooden or fiberglass handle are sadly not made in the United States. They are manufactured in China but Joel from Stiletto assured me that the very same quality that we saw in the video above is carried over to their Chinese plant. I am apt to believe him. Have you ever had a bad Stiletto?

Now, I can see from a business perspective why Stiletto did this. They wanted their premium Titanium hammers to be able to compete, or at least come close, to the steel framing hammers that dominate the market today. A premium steel hammer from Estwing may cost you around forty or fifty dollars. As I mentioned above the best of the best Stiletto could be over two-hundred dollars. But, these wooden handle Stiletto alternatives will allow you to get a Titanium hammer for under one-hundred dollars. (Prices subject to change.) So, yes while they are made in China it is done to keep the price down and to allow everyone to have access to the Titanium quality. You may not like it but we should understand that there are reasons for it.

One of these products are shown below.


So folks it looks like we have a mixed bag here on where Stiletto is manufacturing their products. If you want the best of the best then I can assure you that it is American made. But, if you want the Stiletto name and don’t want to shell out over two-hundred dollars then there is the wooden handle alternative from China. What I will say here and what I do like about this is that Stiletto gives you the choice. Do you want to buy American? Well, then you are going to have pay quite a bit more. Or, do you want the Stiletto name and are not worried about country of manufacture? The choice is up to you. So many companies nowadays try to mask or hide where their products are manufactured because they are ashamed. Not Stiletto. They responded right away and gave me the facts with no problems. That is commendable.

Anyways, I hope that I was able to clear things up on this matter for you the reader and the potential buyer.

Thanks for reading,

Alec Johnson


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