Stiletto TB15MC TiBone 15-Ounce Titanium Milled-Face Hammer

Product Review: Stiletto TB15MC TiBone 15-Ounce Titanium Milled-Face Hammer

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Rather you are a professional carpenter, a do-it-yourselfer, or a hobbyist messing around in his garage during the weekends you cannot find a better hammer than Stiletto’s Ti-Bone framing hammer. This thing just screams quality.


Let’s get the biggest selling point out there right off the bat. This hammer is a one piece construction product and is manufactured from Titanium rather than steel. You heard me right, Titanium. The very same metal that is used in spacecrafts and missiles.Stiletto TB15MC TiBone 15-Ounce Titanium Milled-Face Hammer

So, you have two things going for this hammer right away. The first being the one piece construction. Having the hammer in one solid piece eliminates the odds of the head separating from the handle or even of the handle breaking. I’ve never been a fan of wedged head hammers. There is just too much chance that it will break on you. There is nothing more frustrating then working on a job, especially offsite, only to have your tools fail on you. The second thing going for this is the titanium. As I said before this is the stuff used in spacecraft. It’s not going to break on you. So you have the one piece construction along with titanium. If you buy this hammer I guarantee that it will not break on you.

The hammer itself only weighs about fifteen ounces. While that may sound like a little hammer it is important to remember that titanium is forty-five percent lighter than steel. With that in mind this little fifteen ounce hammer has the striking power of a twenty-eight ounce steel one. You get the benefit of having a heavy hitting hammer but without the detriment of having to lug a monster around with you all day.

The handle extends out to eighteen inches which is about average for your typical framing hammer. A reoccurring problem with framing hammers, especially steel models, is recoil. The impact of driving in nails with a heavier tool swing after swing for hours at a time can take a toll on your wrist or your elbow. If not watched carefully it can even lead to injury. Most steel hammer manufacturers opted for a variety of shock absorbing covers around the handle of the hammer. These could be made of various types of rubbers, nylons, or poly materials. Most of the time they did a decent job about lessening the recoil impact but it was still there. With the Stiletto Ti-Bone hammer you need not worry about a thick and slippery cover. It doesn’t need it. This Titanium constructed hammer has ten times less the recoil than your standard steel hammer. Add that to the fact that you are swinging a much lighter hammer with the same amount of force of those larger hammers and the risk of injury goes down substantially. The cover that is on the Stiletto was engineered for your grip and to reduce risk of slippage during swings.

The head of this hammer had many features as well. Honestly, you wouldn’t think the head would have so much to talk about but there are quite a bit. Let’s start with Stiletto’s patented side nail puller. This claw will allow you to extract 16P nails out with one quick one-hundred and eighty degree motion. See below picture. No going back and forth struggling to extract nails. This will be fast and easy.

Stiletto TB15MC TiBone 15-Ounce Titanium Milled-Face Hammer Claw
Ti-Bone Claw

So, we’ve got the claw, but what else is there to talk about on the head. Quite a bit actually. Along with the claw we have Stiletto’s magnetic nail starter. This will allow you to start your drive without the hassle of losing your nail or dropping it. And we all know that when we drop a nail it doesn’t just fall a few inches. It falls and then rolls away into the hardest to reach spot.

In addition to the magnetic nail starter the head also comes with a milled or edged face. The edged face allows you not to lose traction when finishing your drive. While the edged faced is pretty standard across most framing hammers the Stiletto’s version has a leg up on the competition. If you look at the picture below you will see that the inside of the head of this hammer is hollow. This was done for two reasons. The first being to lessen the overall weight of the hammer to make it easier to swing. The second reason was to provide a quick and easy way for you to change the face of your hammer. Yes, that’s right this hammer comes with a removable and replaceable face. So, when your face is worn out after a year or two all you have to do is buy a replacement product, unscrew the bolt, pop her in, and there you go. And if you find that you don’t like the milled face you can buy a replacement with a smooth face. It’s as simple as that.

Stiletto TB15MC TiBone 15-Ounce Titanium Milled-Face Hammer Head
Ti-Bone Head Allen Bolt Face Replacement

While I touched on the durability of the product earlier when mentioning the Titanium build I did not mention where this product was manufactured. It seems like nowadays everything is imported from overseas but this hammer is one of the few products that are still manufactured here in the States. Stiletto Tool Company traces it’s days all the way back to the 1840’s gold rush in California. (I’m sure all of those gold miners needed quality hammers.) They started in Sacramento and have since expanded around the country. The hammer itself is produced in their facility in Winston, California.

The hammer comes with a one year limited warranty against defects in craftsmanship or materials. What this means is that if you buy this hammer today on and it arrives damaged you can file a complaint against the seller to get your money back. However, if after only a month’s worth of use you notice that the thing is falling apart you can get your product replaced by filling out a warranty form which can be found on Stiletto’s website.  Now, the likelihood of this hammer breaking apart on you is very low but it is good to know that you are covered in the off chance that it does.


Honestly the only con or downside to this hammer that I could find after scouring the internet was how expensive it is. Most hammers are between fifteen dollars upwards to fifty for a decent one. Keep in mind that prices change rather constantly but today as I write this the Stiletto Ti-Bone is going for just shy of two-hundred dollars. Yes, I know that is a lot of money just for a hammer. The thing to remember though is this a hammer that is going to last forever. This is the kind of hammer that can be passed down on and on for generations to come. There is no wooden handle to rot away. The titanium will be there and be with you always hanging in your garage waiting for you to use it.

The other point to make on this hammer that could potentially make it a Con is theft. I have seen it so many times. You leave your tools and step away for a few minutes. Maybe you’re taking a piss. I don’t know. But there is an opportunity and when you come back you’ll find that your prized Stiletto has walked off never to be seen again. Be sure that you keep this thing locked down and in your sight especially if you’re going to be working at a busy job sight.


The Stiletto Ti-Bone is one tough ass tool, take it from me… I know! Seriously though folks this is one of the best hammers on the market today. There are even a few Amazon reviewers comparing the hammer to that of Thor’s from the Avenger’s movies. If this was your standard everyday hammer than you wouldn’t see that.

I gave this hammer a 4.2 out of 5.0 rating and the only reason I deducted points was due to the cost. Like I said before this hammer is near damn perfect the only problem is a lot of people don’t want to end up spending two-hundred dollars on a hammer. But, if you are one of those only the best people than I highly suggest you get this Stiletto on Amazon now!

Also, one last thing. This particular hammer is the edged, or waffle faced, version. Now I know most of you framers prefer the waffle face but in the off chance that you’re wanting a smooth face then click this link to be taken to the smooth faced version.

Thanks for reading and I hope that I was able to help you with your buying decision.

Alec John Johnson


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