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Are Titanium Hammers Worth it?

I founded ToughAssTools.com a little over a month ago and I am still amazed at how much I have learned about tools and hammers in general. One of these things I learned was the existence of the Titanium framing hammer. Yes, that’s right. Titanium. I came across the company Stiletto Tools and their full line of Titanium products. Intrigued, I browsed their website and then also went through all of their reviews on Amazon.com. Needless to say, this is a high quality product. But, as we all know with a high quality product comes a high price.Stiletto TB15MC TiBone 15-Ounce Titanium Milled-Face Hammer

In this article we’re going to take a look at the benefits and drawbacks on Titanium hammers. Who wouldn’t brag about owning a Titanium hammer? But besides bragging rights are they worth the premium price? What will you get for your investment? What are the cons?

Stiletto Tools

First let’s take a look at the company Stiletto Tools. These guys have been around since 1849. That’s over one-hundred and fifty years in the tool and hammer business. They were founded just outside of Sacramento, California during the California Gold Rush. Ever since then they have been providing American made tools to the United States and to the rest of the world. Their website can be found by clicking here. They have built their products and their company name with quality.

Up until recently Titanium hammers were still relatively new to the market. But as they have gained popularity new companies have begun to emerge and began to compete for some of Stiletto’s market share. One of these companies that I feel are worth mentioning is the Martinez Tools company. This is a newer company but they are making a great product and I look forward to them growing steadily in the future. Look for their products being on Amazon.com in the near future.


Most of these are hammers solid one piece Titanium construction. What does that mean? Well folks that means that this hammer is going to last you until the end of time. There is no more of being on the job site swinging away only to have the head of your hammer separate and go flying off into the distance. There is no replacing the wooden handles over and over again. This thing will last and last and will be able to be passed on to generation and generations to come. Maybe I’m a bit sentimental but I find that pretty cool.

Your body will thank you. The Titanium hammers are much much lighter than your standard framing hammers. I did a product review on one of Stiletto’s the other day and the hammer only came in at a total of fifteen ounces. While that may sound awfully light for a framing hammer it is important to remember that Titanium is forty-five percent lighter than steel. So even though you have a fifteen ounce hammer it is like you are actually swinging with a twenty-eight ounce steel one.  With the Titanium you get the same driving power but without having to haul around a nearly two pound hammer.

Along with the hammer being overall lighter than your standard steel framing hammer you also get the benefit of reduced shock. One of the biggest complaints about a solid one piece steel hammer is the recoil. You may not notice it after the first couple of swings but I can assure that after swinging that steel behemoth for twenty minutes your elbow and shoulder will be crying out for mercy. To solve this problem many steel manufacturers opted for shock absorbing grip covers. While these helped they didn’t completely solve the problem of the recoil. Titanium hammers have ten times less recoil than your standard steel framing hammer. Ten times. Couple that with a good grip cover and you’ll be swinging away like you’ve got a wooden handle in your hands.


This one is a given and most of you are probably expecting it but the first big con is price. Most of the time you can get your standard framing hammer for around fifty dollars more or less. Depending on the brand and the features you could wind up closer to eighty. Well folks the Titanium hammers start just below one-hundred dollars and in some cases can even go over two-hundred dollars. That is a lot of money for a hammer. The only thing I can say to you though is to keep in the back of your mind that this hammer will last forever. You won’t have to buy another framing hammer again. It is a one time purchase.

Well, you won’t have to buy another framing hammer again unless yours gets stolen. That brings me to my second con on Titanium hammers. They are pricey and they are top quality. That leads to a very high chance of this hammer being stolen. Now I’m not saying someone is going to break into your garage and start rummaging through looking for Titanium but the more likely scenario is that you are working at a site and decide to take lunch, step away for a drink, or whatever and when you come back you find your prized hammer has vanished. This happens more often then you would think and I see so many complaints on forums and other avenues.


Ok, so with everything I’ve written above the choice is up to you. Do you want to spend the extra money and get the best of the best or are you OK with your standard steel or fiberglass framing hammer?

As I get older I find that I am more and more attracted to products that will last forever instead of something that is cheap. When I was younger I would buy the cheapest thing in the store as long as it worked. But as you age you find that you get stick of buying the same damn things over and over again. If you have the money and can afford the purchase I would recommend grabbing yourself one of the hammers listed below.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great night,

Alec Johnson


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