Product Review: Stiletto FH10-C 10-Ounce Titanium Finish Hammer

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Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Today we are going to be reviewing Stiletto’s FH10-C ten ounce Titanium finish hammer. Now I just love these Titanium hammers. Sure they are expensive but my God are they one hell of a hammer. The FH10-C is made by the Stiletto tool company out of Sacramento, California. Stiletto has been in the tool manufacturing business since the 1850’s. Yes, that’s right. 1850’s. They started all the way back when the California Gold Rush took hold.Stiletto FH10-C 10-Ounce Titanium Finish Hammer

This Titanium model is actually one of the lightest models out on the market today coming in at ten ounces. Now before you scoff at the size of this thing let me tell you right away that Titanium is forty-five percent less in weight than Steel. This head is solid Titanium. There was no filler used so you still get your driving power. In fact with the combination of a longer handle and a solid Titanium head you get the driving force of a sixteen ounce framing hammer in a ten ounce package.

I mentioned it already but this hammer comes with a 14.5″ curved Hickory handle. Most hammers have a thirteen inch hammer. With the extra inch and a half of handle on the FH10-C you get that extra leverage with each swing and drive you make.

It comes with a smooth faced instead of a waffle face. Some of you framers may prefer a waffle but this hammer is intended to be a finish hammer rather than a framer. (Although many users use this for framing as well.) The claw is straight, or a rip, and is designed for ripping apart any two-by-fours or other obstacles in your way. And, like most Stiletto hammers the FH10-C comes with Stiletto’s patented magnetic nail starter.

That’s enough about what this hammer looks like let’s dive into the Pros and Cons of this product. Is it worth buying? Is it what you are looking for?


First and foremost the thing that I am going to mention is right away is that your body will love you if you get this hammer. I don’t care if you’re a carpenter framing a house or a do-it-yourselfer working on a new deck. This hammer will save your wrist, elbow, and shoulder unlike anything you have tried before. Now before I get to salesy here let me tell the why. There are reasons for why this product is so easy on your body:

  1. The product only weighs ten ounces. Ten ounces for a framing hammer. It’s like you’re swinging nothing at all. Some users have forgotten they even have it looped on their jeans. It was so light they barely felt it.
  2. Referencing the same point above Titanium is forty-five percent less than steel. There is no filler or anything in this head to make it lighter. It is solid Titanium and comes with a solid drive.
  3. Titanium has ten times less the shock and vibration value than steel or cast iron head does.

So what does all that mean? That means you are getting the best of the best when it comes to shock reduction and ease of use without sacrificing much driving force. I mentioned earlier that the FH10-C has the same driving force as a sixteen ouncer but some users have even said that they felt like it was hitting with a twenty-one ouncer. Now, I am a little skeptical of that but that just goes to show you that the size isn’t everything. (Hah! You know you laughed!)

The last Pro on this product is the price, believe it or not. You get this pistol of a hammer with great driving force, Titanium head, and lighter than air all for under one-hundred dollars. (Be aware that prices change, but as I write this it is under one-hundred on If you compare this price to some of the other Titanium hammers on the market today this is one hell of a steal.


There aren’t too many cons on this hammer but I’ll do my best to knock out what I’ve found through my research. Here is what we’ve got:

  1. This hammer is so light that it may take some getting used too it especially if you’re used to swinging a twenty ouncer. It may feel like your swinging nothing which can be a problem as you won’t know how much force to use. The only thing I can say here is to give it time and you will slowly get acclimated to the new weight.
  2. Also, in tighter places it is harder to get a good drive as you don’t have enough room to ‘wind’ up your swing. I could see how this could be a problem with such a light weight hammer. You wouldn’t have that problem with a twenty plus ounce steel hammer but then your body would be aching from the shock. It’s a trade off no matter how you look at it.
  3. I definitely would not say that this is the hammer to use for demolition jobs. In my opinion there just isn’t enough power on this one for demo. If you are looking for an amazing framing rip hammer and still wanting to stick with the Stiletto Titanium line then I would recommend the Stiletto TB15MC fifteen ouncer. This one will definitely answer the call on any project you have. Just be aware that it is much more expensive at over two-hundred dollars. (Prices subject to change.)
  4. There is a warranty on this product, don’t get me wrong. It is a one year warranty where Stiletto will replace or repair any damage to your product that is not above or beyond normal usage. Their official policy can be found by clicking here. The reason I bring warranty up is as a con is that it is only a one year term. Most of the time if you’re going to be spending over one-hundred dollars on a hammer you expect a lifetime warranty and many other companies offer this lifetime warranty. I don’t question Stiletto’s quality of manufacturing but it is still a great peace of mind to know that your hammer is warrantied for your lifetime.
  5. The last con that I am going to bring up on this product is that the handle is Chinese made. At this point in our lives it seems inescapable. No matter where you go you are going to run into a Chinese product. That doesn’t always mean bad quality though as the reviews and my review clearly state. Now, I have reached out to Stiletto today for an answer on exactly where the heads and the read of their products are made. I hope to hear back soon and if I do I will write another article going into it.


Overall I would say that the FH10-C Titanium hammer from Stiletto is most definitely a buy rather you are a do-it-yourselfer looking to save your arm over the weekends or if your a tradesmen looking for an upgrade. I know that I say this a lot with most of these Titanium hammers but there isn’t one better than this ten ounce FH10-C. You get most of the power you would need for a basic framing job and you get something that is so light that you won’t even notice it hanging from your tool belt.

If you are interested in purchasing then I would suggest you over to I hope that I was able to help in your buying decision.

Thanks for reading,

Alec Johnson

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