Product Review: Martinez Tools M1 15 Ounce Titanium Framing Hammer

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Alright boys and girls gather around and I shall tell you about the most tough ass hammer you can possibly imagine. Yes, that’s right I’m talking about a titanium hammer, but this isn’t just any titanium hammer this is a titanium hammer made by the one and only Mark Martinez.  Who’s Mark you may ask? Well he is the original inventor, patenter, and designer of the original titanium hammer from Stiletto Tools. Mark has since left Stiletto Tools and formed his own company known as Martinez Tool. This is great for the contractors out there. With this new company Mark gets to do hammers the way he wants to do them. They are American Made. They have a titanium handle. They have a steel head. They are a beast! The Martinez Tool’s official website can be found by clicking here.

Martinez Tools M1 Titanium Handle 15oz Smooth Steel Head Curved Grip Framing Hammer

The Pros

I hate writing reviews where it seems like I’m gushing over a product so I’ll warn you guys right now. The M1 titanium hammer is the best of both worlds. You get the titanium handle that extends to sixteen inches complimented with a steel head. This is a key difference when comparing it to other titanium hammers. Most of them will have a solid one piece titanium construction or they’ll have a titanium head and a wooden handle. This M1 hammer is the first that I have seen that has a titanium handle and a steel head.  There are three huge benefits to this design:

  1. The titanium hammer absorbs shock like you wouldn’t believe. Everyone is always amazed the first time they go from swiniging a steel hammer to a titanium hammer. Sure, those young guys can handle the heavy steel hammers but over time their body will begin to wear out and betray them. Their wrist will get sore, their elbow, their shoulder. It’s not a pretty picture. This titanium handle prevents all of that by reducing the shock and recoil by ten times when compared to a steel hammer. Your body will thank you if you purchase this hammer!
  2. The second big point here to make is that the steel head gives you that extra power when driving the big nails. It also gives you the top heavy feel that so many carpenters love. This hammer won’t take ‘getting used to,’ like some of the other competing hammers on the market.
  3. Lastly, don’t let the fifteen ounce size of the hammer scare you away. Titanium is forty-five percent lighter than steel. So, that means that you are getting the same power as a twenty-four ounce steel framing hammer with each swing. Fifteen ounce isn’t a ‘weak’ hammer by any means when it comes with a titanium handle and a steel head.

This M1 hammer comes with a replaceable face option that will allow you to change from a smooth or waffle face as you need. Or, if your waffle face is wearing out then all you have to do is buy a replacement face, take off the old one, and pop on the new one. It’s that simple. Moving down the head of the hammer we also have a side nail puller that a lot of the pros love to use. As with most framing hammers you have your rip claw for demolition as well.

This feature really caught my attention. This is the replaceable grip that goes along the handle. What other hammer has this option? Most of the time if your grip wears out you either have to send it in to the manufacturer to get replaced or you have to buy a whole new hammer. Not with Martinez Tools. No sir. You can replace the grip all by yourself. In fact, if you click here you can see their official video on how to replace the grip.

I looked around on their site for a written warranty policy but couldn’t find anything official. Instead I did find this excerpt on their site, “All Martinez Tool Co. hammers are 100% guaranteed for workmanship and defects.” From what I have researched though if you have a problem with one of their hammers they will go above and beyond to ensure that you are satisfied and taken care of.

The last big pro here is that this hammer is all American Made. It pains me that this is seen as a pro nowadays as it seems like everything is made overseas now. Not Martinez. No, they are making everything here in the states and ensuring that top quality goes into their hammers.

The Cons

Honestly the only con or downside to this hammer that I could find after scouring the internet was how expensive it is. Most hammers are between fifteen dollars upwards to fifty for a decent one. Keep in mind that prices change rather constantly but today as I write this the Martinez M1 is going for just two-hundred and twenty-four dollars. Yes, I know that is a lot of money just for a hammer. The thing to remember though is this a hammer that is going to last forever. This is the kind of hammer that can be passed down on and on for generations to come. There is no wooden handle to rot away. The titanium will be there and be with you always hanging in your garage waiting for you to use it.

The other point to make on this hammer that could potentially make it a Con is theft. I have seen it so many times. You leave your tools and step away for a few minutes. Maybe you’re taking a piss. I don’t know. But there is an opportunity and when you come back you’ll find that your prized hammer has walked off never to be seen again. Be sure that you keep this thing locked down and in your sight especially if you’re going to be working at a busy job sight. Heck, I’ve even read some accounts of owners not even wanting others to even hold their Martinez hammer. It’s just too valuable to lose. It’s not worth the risk!


While this is a titanium hammer and is top quality off the bat, to me it’s all the little things and upgrades that we see with this hammer that really sell it for me. The side nail puller. The replaceable grip. Swapping our smooth or waffle face. All of this done with ease. You just don’t see these kind of features on other hammers out there, even the titanium ones. Many many users are already ranking this new Martinez hammer much higher then the Stiletto models that have been out there for years. Mark should take it as a compliment, after all they are both his hammer designs!

I’m going to tell you guys right now if you are a contractor, a carpentry enthusiast, or just someone who is swinging a hammer all day long then you NEED to get this M1 Martinez hammer now. Your body will thank you. Sure, it’s a hit to your pocket book but I can assure you that you will not need to replace this hammer. If you are looking to purchase please click here to visit our partner.

Thanks for reading,

Alec John Johnson

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